8 life-saving tips to help your loved ones manage diabetes!

Diabetes can be hard but there are ways to go about it. We share 8 life saving invaluable tips to help your aging loved ones manage diabetes effectively. These tips are universal and can help to keep those sugar levels in check early on. So here's your quick guide to 101 diabetes care for elderly.

Let's start 

First things first, diabetes is a lifelong condition although there is no certain way to prevent it, there are sure enough ways to manage oneself and keep it in check. So here's listing some easy diabetes care for your loved ones that you might find handy.

Eat healthy to stay healthy -

Yes as simple as it sounds. Ensure diabetic elders are eating foods low in sugar including fruit servings . Sticking to a daily meal plan ensures they don't indulge in cravings and maintain a healthy weight. BrioCare can help diabetic elders stick to their meal times and portions perfectly with scheduled reminders every day. It's hands-free with Alexa and can be set up for months at an end. Timely meals also ensure your loved one's are timely satiated and minimizes the chance of emergencies such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). You can even set up prompts in case of such a situation like to drink half a cup of juice or 3-4 crackers with a teaspoon of honey, if they feel dizzy or lethargic till you get someone in person to check-in on them. 

Make sure they're active-

Thats most important with diabetes. Aerobic exercises   like brief walking, swimming or bicycling can help loved ones who are aging in place with timer alerts and prompts set up on BrioCare when they can self manage their routine. For less active seniors it's best advisable to ensure 30 mins of indoor exercising 5 days a week including some form of yoga or some resistance training at home to keep up muscle strength and lower blood glucose levels naturally.

Keep those glucose levels in check regularly

It's important to periodically check blood sugar levels either by a healthcare professional or self testing monitors. BrioCare can be your custom diabetes care app and help set reminders on checking up weekly via blood glucose tests at home for loved ones with diabetes. You can journal your test results to see how you're improving! 

Never skip medication

Health adherence is key to maintain a healthy living when diagnosed with diabetes. When caring for diabetes, it sure goes without saying that not skipping medications is an absolute no brainer when it comes to managing this condition. Although aging loved ones are bound to forget once in a while and  that's why you have clever organization ideas like colorful pill boxes and timer alerts like the BrioCare app, with its smart proactive voice care you don't need to set up those boring conventional alarms on phones or tabs or clocks. It's a hands-free setup, just plugging the Alexa in your loved one's room gets the job done and you can schedule multiple reminders daily for even a year or more. It also sends a daily routine checklist to the app on your or the caregiver's phone so you can check-in on your loved ones from anywhere. It's the perfect budget remote caregiving option available that works real-time ! 

Pro tip

You can customize all reminders with personalized messages for your loved one, to make your loved ones feel loved and comfortable at home! 

 You get a year free subscription too, so don't miss out! 

Check your feet regularly-

Do you know that diabetes slows down the body's natural healing process and also renders it immuno-compromised to some extent. Loved ones with diabetes are likely to suffer sore cuts, scrapes and bruises that take longer than usual to heal, especially on their feet.  It's important to set care notes for them to check their feet periodically  and look out for any signs of wounds or bruises, if they notice a red patch that looks infected it's wise to immediately inform their healthcare provider to get it examined. It can avoid severe complications if detected timely. 

Keep feet hydrated

As seniors with diabetes suffer dryness. It's advisable to use lotions and wear comfortable socks and avoid shoes that can cause blisters. 

Keep up with vaccinations- 

It's important to keep up with the flu and pneumonia vaccination especially to avoid adverse health complications for loved ones ailing with diabetes. Make sure to get the flu jab every fall to prevent any future complications that can arise from these seasonal diseases.

Maintain oral care

Elder's with diabetes are more likely to suffer dental problems and bleeding gum disease. Set up appointment reminders on BrioCare and visit your dentist regularly. 

Get routine check ups

Quit smoking if applicable and reduce risks for heart disease or strokes with routine blood pressure checks at home and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It's important for all aging loved ones with diabetes to maintain a healthy weight at all times. 

Getting hearing tests

As both aging and diabetes can induce hearing loss. It's important to get hearing tests. Auditory disorientation or hearing loss progresses or worsens over time. If your loved ones find it difficult to hear conversations or turn the TV or radio volume up make sure to get their hearing tested on time. 

We believe these tips make caring for diabetes easier, more manageable and less overwhelming.

Hope these quick suggestions help you keep your loved one's diabetes woes at bay. 

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