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No-meds! Caregiving tips to improve dementia symptoms at home.

Home exercise programs for dementia can drastically improve symptoms and increases overall functional abilities. It can reduce general symptomatic discomfort significantly. Dementia exercise therapy can be easily practiced at home for elders to enhance their overall health and quality of life. Movement exercises are chair-based, can be easily done at home, to encourage mobility in elders suffering from dementia. This chair-based exercise program encourages movement patterns and was used to improve symptoms of elders suffering from Alzheimer’s and related dementia. It improves: Memory functioning and cognitive abilities  Reduces agitation and depressive episodes  Helps maintain body balance Makes daily tasks easier to cope with BrioCare can help you understand this move towards an exercise program and how these exercises work.  The instructions would help your loved ones to easily do these simple exercises at home with no additional equipment required.  It's based on these three un

6 Caregiving tips for keeping aging parents at home! The do's and don'ts .

"I had sworn to myself, I would never keep my mom there!"  There are many who feel like you. "My mom and dad never wanted to be sent away!"  It's an idyllic situation for your aging parents to be at home. If it's safe enough and they're not critically ill or injured, then home's the best place to be.  But it requires some careful management on your part to help your parents age safely at home, and we're going to guide you with that!  Step 1:  Caregiving is tough!  Remember caregiving is a tough job. There might be a variety of reasons to keep aging parents at home, but be sure you're caregiving right!.  It's an active field of work that needs dedication and determination. There might be days you might feel stressed, have a quarrel, or feel unwell. But that's something one has to adapt to overcome with time, it's a task that requires 200% out of you and that is not stretchable for long. So the key thing is to go slow, take your ti

Dehydration- the silent symptom. Family caregivers beware!

We love our elders more than ever and can go every length to ensure their safety and wellness.  But do you know a silent symptom most elder's suffer most often unknowingly ? Dehydration - Yes you heard it right!   A University in Los Angeles showed over 45% seniors suffer from it silently . Most of them with chronic dehydration. Not many caregivers are aware of this lurking behind the scenes symptom and it goes often unnoticed. Did you know that highest rates of ER visits were due to dehydration alone in ages 70 and above? Seniors with Dementia or Alzheimers  Shocking right? And its easily avoidable! Elders with cognitive and memory problems like dementia or Alzheimer's can often forget simple things like even drinking water for example, it's important for them to have constant reminders at regular intervals all day to keep their hydration levels up.  BrioCare is a care app designed specifically for elderly needs powered by the good ole Alexa for seniors. It can be used f