6 Caregiving tips for keeping aging parents at home! The do's and don'ts .

Middle aged daughter is feeding her elderly mother

"I had sworn to myself, I would never keep my mom there!"  There are many who feel like you. "My mom and dad never wanted to be sent away!" 

It's an idyllic situation for your aging parents to be at home. If it's safe enough and they're not critically ill or injured, then home's the best place to be. 

But it requires some careful management on your part to help your parents age safely at home, and we're going to guide you with that! 

Step 1:  Caregiving is tough! 

Remember caregiving is a tough job. There might be a variety of reasons to keep aging parents at home, but be sure you're caregiving right!. 

It's an active field of work that needs dedication and determination. There might be days you might feel stressed, have a quarrel, or feel unwell. But that's something one has to adapt to overcome with time, it's a task that requires 200% out of you and that is not stretchable for long.

So the key thing is to go slow, take your time, pace out, get consultation or assistance occasionally to keep your mental health 'sane' and be fit enough to provide the best care to your aging loved ones

Step 2: Assess the condition for personalized care 

It's important to have a fairly well understanding of your elder's care needs. Don't be in a state of "seeing waves instead of the ocean". Get a good overall picture,  rather than what happens commonly to attend to the specifics and forget the main thing!

Your to-do can overwhelm you often and make you miss the wide-angle view. So the key here is to be organized.

First, understand the extent of caregiving required, get a list jotted down with the care needs for weekdays and weekends, appointments, and medication timings. It can help you understand the degree of supervising you need to do and when! 

BrioCare a proactive personalized care app, can help exactly with such situations especially if you're living far away or caring remotely. It can plan everything, set all schedules, timings for perfect and timely supervision of your older loved ones.

If you're a busy caregiver, it's a boon for you. So no need to keep endless scribble pads and sticky notes hanging for forgetting reminders. You can have it all managed in an app on your smartphone. It's easy, and it's effective, we promise you won't regret it!

Step 3: Caregiver Stress and anxiety are real 

Remember to prioritize your health too, always. You as a caregiver can't afford to lose out on your own health by caring for others. So it's highly important to have a practical mindset, not to overdo yourself and take regular breaks.

Overstretched caregiving can cause fatigue, mental breakdown, and depression. You can end with a serious health condition yourself and that is not what you would want. So keeping a check on yourself is equally important as a caregiver for your loved ones. Remember your health is a priority too! 

We at BrioCare, understand and relate to caregiver stresses, this app is proactively designed to reduce your caregiving overload and let BrioCare do the rest. With voice AI technology for elderly care, it's easier and cost-effective than ever. 

Step 4: Help for family caregivers

It's never bad enough to shy away for a little help! A helping hand can be all that you need to manage your caregiving job effectively. So don't be in a dilemma, ask and reach out for the things you might feel the need for suggestions, advice, or physical help. It's never too late, getting the right support can make a world of difference to your caregiving responsibilities. 

BrioCare is a family caregiving app designed to help caregivers manage daily caregiving tasks and supervision (even remotely )and effectively. It's easy to set, easy to use (just talk to it), and easy to manage while being cost-effective too. What's more? You can even book a free support call from the team! To learn everything about it and get a year free for a limited time offer...

 Step 5: Turn Amazon Alexa as your personalized caregving tool

Caregiving can be expensive and financially overburdened on a family in a long run. 

It can cause unnecessary stresses, quarrels, and financial breakdowns.

It's important to plan and manage costs well.  Try to economize, cost cut wherever possible without compromising on care and quality of life. 

BrioCare is the most economical and cost-effective care solution powered by Alexa voice care technology for older adults, with the effectiveness of reducing financial caregiving stress without compromising on the required supervision and care needs for your loved ones. 

Step 6: Coordinate and share care tasks

It's crucial to share the load if you're lucky to have siblings. Share the responsibility, split the errands or take turns to stay with your aging parents.  Be cooperative, easy, and flexible, try to manage caregiving involving other family members to help you lessen the load and the stress. 

Some Quick Suggestions 

  • Get your loved ones enlisted in senior day programs and groups to help them socialize while you get a break.

  • Occasionally you can hire at home caregiving help to get a respite from your duties for a day or two. 

  • Get a volunteer senior companion in your neighborhood.

  • Use a longer care help for holidays, business trips, or longer stays away from home. 

  • Use BrioCare a voice based technology for elderly care powered with Alexa for caregiving needs and supervision remotely, if you live far away or even for travel breaks. 

  • Get takeouts or meal services sometimes to reduce the stresses of daily cooking. Book a meal delivery to your aging parents if you're far away and they can't cook. 

  • Get a family member or relative to housekeepers,  share errands or help cooking sometimes.

  • Stock up on essentials, bulk buy, or order online. Do away with an added list of errands to get more me-time and peace. 


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