Attention! Here's listing the frequently asked pros and cons of a family care app?

family care app

Sounds right!  We list the top 5 pros and cons of a family care app and how you could get the best bet out there. 

 This list will help you choose care apps wisely and use them effectively to get the most out of them. (without any added costs) So now who wouldn't want to read this up? 

 The four ingenious pros 

Save time and effort by setting them up with the right schedule and timers 

Yes, caregiver apps can be game changers if they're set with a daily schedule and timers for nudges. For example, turning on the bathroom lights every night at 2am or reminders to take a supplement every day at 8am. Scheduled timer alerts make such a difference. Set up pre-scheduled meditations every night and forget it. It's the perfect way apps and automation can help older adults age in place.  You really don't need to bother anymore. Say hello to seamless caregiving. 

Syncing is your best friend

Keep them synced always. Yes, the best way to get the most out of your caregiving apps is to ensure they're synced well with your phone or smart speakers ( like Alexa or Google home nest)  at all times. Syncing ensures perfect performance and functionality. And you can enjoy your apps hands free all the time. 

Use them often to get your money's worth

That's the best solution for effective caregiving and family care. Don't let them bite the dust on your phone. Use them as often as you can to enjoy the freedom they can give. Try to use them for everything. Keep away those scribble pads and go hands free. Talk and set schedules, mailers,  refill alerts,  med timers, and appointments. Use smart voice AI for everything literally.

Apps can be a bang for your buck

Cut costs with family care apps. Yes, make your apps the economical options for alternate caregiving. You would need fewer hours of an in-home caregiver, get that much dreamed respite care, and travel freely while checking up on loved ones remotely.

The Cons

There aren't much to be honest. But here's a quick guide to make them function better with optimization options

Opt for a paid subscription to get the best out of your apps

Yes paid apps function way better,  they have tons of customization options, security checks, and much more. Don't skimp on free apps; they're a waste of time and effort. Investing in a paid subscription will really get you going without the need to fiddle with it often. Just set it and forget it. Put up your loved ones (senior) profile and you're good to go. 

Go for custom apps rather than the free ones 

Have awesome customization options. With BrioCare you can add your own voice to reminder alerts for your loved ones. So they feel you're closer than ever. Helps your loved one connect emotionally and significantly improves elder care.

Never be far away from home with custom care nudges and daily video calls now you can literally care from anywhere.

Get your devices sorted for seamless functionality

Get your smart phone charged and Alexa plugged. Sort your pairing devices to get your apps functioning smoothly and timely. Set alerts if you have syncing problems for example if your app can't be found or paired with your smart speaker,  just a minor re-sync can solve such issues asap with no time lost. 

Give it time

Voice AI and apps are the new kid on the block. Let them settle down, give them a chance. Family and caregiver apps can work wonders for our future caregiving that we surely need to look out for. They are literally future care superheroes we promise!

Fail and learn

What if it didn't work the first time you set it up. Try it again,  failing and learning might be the best advice out there on using care apps. They can make you a pro in no time and you might as well discover some really genius hacks yourself to use them in even more different ways than what the makers say!  

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Get your best shot at family elderly care, with the best smart family caregiving option out there. 

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